INSTE is an andragogic program. It is designed to integrate the four elements that Christ used to form his disciples: 1) The development of spiritual habits, 2) Authentic friendship, 3) The assimilation of the best relevant and contemporary theology; and 4) The provision of service opportunities to immediately practice what has been learned.


Monday - Wednesday - Friday we meet from 7 to 9 pm to worship God and intercede for Panama with different approaches to prayer each day. Uniting worship with intercession, we put into practice the heavenly image we see in Revelation 5, which speaks of "harp and bowl" worship and prayer. The incense continues to rise.


Ministry of House Hope that adopts children in Senegal to change their status of life by giving them the opportunity to know the word of the Lord, and their path to salvation, since their beliefs have been rooted in Islam and witchcraft.


This ministry is focused on connecting people to meet the true Lord Jesus and hear his voice. This brings inner healing of mind and soul, bringing us closer to God. It is handled by prayer appointments that are attended at our location in downtown Panama City.


Based on the great commission, we have different groups at home with the mission of growing more as a community and in faith, studying sound doctrine and focusing on the center that is Jesus. The locations at the moment are in Clayton, Paitillla, Brisas del Golf, Llano Bonito, and San Miguelito area. Open to everything that wants to grow in the Word.


Sunday School is not an extended arm of the church; It is the heart of the church, it is the motor that gives strength, gives life and drives the new generations.


We believe in the sanctity and seriousness of the marriage pact between a man and a woman. We commit ourselves to create a support group of couples in which, through the knowledge of biblical principles, can build healthy and solid marriages with Jesus Christ as the center and foundation of it. We have annual meetings for couples.


It is a space where the women of the MCCF can enjoy fellowship and deal with topics specifically oriented towards them. They meet every 15 days on Fridays at 9 a.m. at Laura Velazquez's house. During this time they pray together, perform some study of the Word.



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