We believe in a single God, which has manifested Himself in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit of equal in Deity, Power and Glory.


We believe in Jesus, who is fully God and fully Man, born of a virgin, tempted in all passion but Victorious in Holiness, who gave his life on the cross as an eternal sacrifice, so that his Blessed Blood, spilled on Calvary, cleanses us of all sin. We believe he ascended to the heavens, and is at the right hand of the Father, as Victor, as Intercessor and will return to establish his eternal and perpetual kingdom.

We believe that salvation has been given by the grace of Jesus and that there is no human sacrifice that it is enough to earn it, rather it is granted by the complete work of Jesus. We believe in the Bible and its seventy-six books, as the revelation to man, which has been inspired by the Holy Spirit, as the Word of God, and therefore must be understood spiritually as such.

We believe that the Church has been called to bless The Name of God, with praise, with spontaneous worship and not less important, with the development of a righteous and holy life, through which we can show the virtues of the one who called the Church out of darkness to His admirable light. We believer the Church is to walk equipped by the Primary Ministries described in Ephesians 4:11, for the saints the announcement of the eternal and redemptive work of Christ.

We believe that man was created to be dependent, fully and exclusively of God, who longs for friendship and relationship, rejoicing in intimacy more than activity and sacrifice. Martha and Mary, David and Saul are two clear, messages that bear witness to that belief.

We believe that Jesus will come again at the end of the age in physical and visible form, to establish his Kingdom and Lordship, and that the Church will be the forerunner of announcing the Word of His coming before and through the tribulation, with great joy, power and authority.

We believe that all people have the same value, regardless of gender, race, language, culture, age and social class, and that each person is fit for repentance and forgiveness.

We believe that every believer who welcomes the Cross of Calvary and decides to follow Jesus, believing and living within his salvation and reconciliation with God, is part of the family of God, and has been called to cultivate a life in community to exercise his or her priesthood before Him.

We believe in God's mandate to go and make disciples of the nations, and that holiness is part of the Grace of God being reflected in all areas of our life.
We believe in equipping and shepherding the Church of Christ, whom the Word of God calls "Living Stones" and "Letters" read by men, through the proclamation of its message in homogeneous small groups, churches in houses, and in the celebration of the worship pleasing to God, and that we are all called to align ourselves with the model of Biblical life, living with the manifestations of its Power, Wonders and Miracles.

We believe that God is speaking directly to His sheep and that they listen to His voice, and that He continues to speak. We believe that the impediments that have dominated the individual to walk in freedom can be removed, only through the instructions of Jesus, Who is touching hearts.

We believe that Satan, was an angel who was cast out of his position in heaven, because of his rebellion and haughtiness being defeated by Christ on the Cross of Calvary. We believe he is soon to be trialed on the Day of Judgement, and that his kingdom will be completely exterminated from the earth and that for him the lake of fire and brimstone is eternally prepared.




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